Dental Care Is NOT a Commodity

Many patients in Northwest Indiana wonder why some dentists charge higher fees for dental care than others. In fact, this is a common question posed by dental patients all over the country. Some people consider dentistry to be a commodity, but it should really be thought of in terms of the quality of care and service provided.

Products like tvs and cars are commodities. There are many different car dealerships and electronics stores, and they generally offer the same makes, models, and options. Some of them might provide superior financing or customer service, but you can still compare the same make and model of television or vehicle. Despite the differences between two different stores, the actual product is the same.

This is not true of dentistry or other healthcare services. There is great variability in technical skill, experience, philosophy, technology, training, materials, and laboratory work. Countless details are involved with making a crown, porcelain veneer, porcelain onlay, or with providing other dental services. These details and the results associated with them will never be the same from one dental team to another.

This variability makes comparing crowns, veneers, and the associated fees nearly impossible because the care and service received might be completely different, and this can be difficult to assess accurately. Dental fees are usually based upon the costs associated with providing the treatment, plus the care, skill, and judgment of the particular dentist and team.

There are a few guidelines that can be evaluated when considering a dental team, however, and these are just a few of the things that the Smiles By Arnold & Associates team prides itself on. It’s essential that they ask good questions about your medical and dental histories. More importantly, though is that they listen patiently and record your responses carefully.

After a thorough examination, our skilled teams in both Valparaiso and Chesterton will provide you with a personalized treatment plan. We will also spend time discussing this plan with you, determining how to prioritize your care, and how to fit this care into your budget. We understand that many people in Northwest Indiana are concerned about finances, and we are very good at finding a plan that works for everyone.

It is imperative that your dental team is serving your best interests as your oral health advocates and that they help you to stay healthy. A great objective would be to receive high-quality dental services at a fair fee. This is much more important than receiving “cheap” services that may not last a long time.

In Valparaiso and Chesterton, there are between thirty and fifty different dentists, and their care, philosophy, and service all vary tremendously. For this reason, it is essential that you do your research and find the dentist and team that suit your needs and wants most consistently. Look at the cases that they have completed – making sure that the cases show THEIR work and that they aren’t “stock photos.” Also, carefully read the testimonials from their actual patients to determine if it sounds like a good fit for you.

Of course, we are confident that you’ll love our team and that you’ll be pleased with the quality of care and service we provide. If you would like to give us a try, please call our offices at: (219) 926-5445 (Chesterton) or (219) 531-8914 for a free consultation OR a new patient exam. We look forward to making you smile!

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