Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Revitalize Your Entire Smile

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The dentists at Smiles by Arnold & Associates see many patients in Northwest Indiana with broken and missing teeth, huge old fillings, and front teeth that are dark, chipped, and crooked. Some of these people haven’t seen a dentist in years, but have finally decided that they are ready to do something.

People with conditions very similar to this often require complex dental care. After completing a thorough examination with x-rays and models of their teeth, we are able to make treatment recommendations and give a solid estimate of the fees associated with their care.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A multitude of variables must be considered before deciding upon a course of action. One of our first questions for these patients is always, “What are your goals for treatment, and what kind of outcome are you hoping to achieve?” If appearance is a concern, and the position, function, or strength of teeth are issues, then full mouth rehabilitation might be a good option. Additionally, we can achieve the replacement of missing teeth in this treatment scenario, often with dental implants or porcelain bridges.

Full-mouth reconstruction is a common solution for patients with this variety of dental

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

issues. This process of rebuilding existing teeth with crowns, veneers, bridges, and/or implants is very predictable when the planning is taken seriously, the best dental labs are used, and the team is well-trained. Fortunately, our exceptional cosmetic dentistry team is up to the task and will exceed your expectations.

Patients who exhibit substantial damage to their teeth from abrasion, due to grinding and/or clenching, or erosion from gastric reflux, or consumption of acidic beverages, are often best served with full mouth dental treatment. Fixing their teeth to recreate their original beauty, form, and function has many benefits that they never even imagined to be possible.

Making the teeth fit together properly allows you to chew more efficiently, makes it easier to keep them clean, and creates great confidence when smiling. This type of complex, comprehensive treatment is expensive, but well worth the investment because of the multiple benefits and increased quality of life that is a natural byproduct.

Our primary concern, however, is always determining how to improve and maintain your oral health, while trying to accommodate your wants and desires without compromise. When simple dental treatment is possible, we love to be conservative in the care we provide at both our Valparaiso and Chesterton dental offices.

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