LUMINEERS® and Porcelain Veneers: What are Your Options?

People regularly ask us about the ads they see for LUMINEERS in the media in Northwest Indiana. They wonder what they are, and whether or not they work as well as “regular” veneers.

Several dental labs have begun to market their products directly to the public at the local and national level. Some of these labs are specifically marketing their porcelain veneers under trademarked names that they have created to get people excited about cosmetic dentistry.

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This trend poses several benefits and a few potential drawbacks. On the positive side, these marketing campaigns create awareness and enthusiasm for some of the technologies and techniques that dentists can utilize to enhance one’s smile. This often generates calls to dentists for long, postponed dental appointments. This is a great thing because people are asking questions about how they can improve their oral health and/or confidence in their smiles with LUMINEERS or different types of porcelain veneers.

Unfortunately, some dental marketing is misleading or downright unethical with ads that make outrageous claims that falsely represent a product or service. Misleading the public in this way can create unrealistic expectations. It is important that every dental team have the knowledge needed to accurately and honestly answer questions pertaining to LUMINEERS, DURAthin® veneers, and any other dental products, and services.

Hundreds of dental labs around the world make porcelain veneers. Many types of porcelain veneers northwest indianaporcelain are utilized by the ceramists in these labs. Several have trademarked names to describe their own veneers, and then market them directly to the public. A few of these include, DaVinci Veneers, MACVENEERS™, DURAthin Veneers®, Emprethins™, and LUMINEERS.

Do No-Prep Veneers Work?

LUMINEERS and DURAthin veneers are specifically marketed as “no-preparation” or “minimal preparation” veneer systems. Both types of veneers can be used effectively if case selection is appropriate and if the proper techniques are applied. Unfortunately, these systems are sometimes perceived as a “one-size-fits-all” panacea for porcelain veneers.

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Porcelain Veneers

In my experience, only a small percentage of “smile makeovers” are conducive to “no prep” or “minimal prep” veneer cases. I have observed that most cases require some degree of tooth reshaping in order to achieve optimal aesthetics, functionality, and longevity.

The final result is generally determined by a variety of factors, including the pre-operative condition and position of the teeth, the care, skill, and judgment of the dentist, and the quality of the work performed by the ceramist.

Which Veneers are Right for You?

LUMINEERS, like all of the other porcelain systems can yield a successful result in the right situation. However, they will not work in every case, so the dental team and ceramist must be prepared to use whatever system is most likely to achieve superior results.

To find out if LUMINEERS or porcelain veneers are right for you, contact our Valparaiso or Chesterton offices today! Our Northwest Indiana cosmetic dentists want to give you a dream smile!

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