Migraine Headache Treatment for Valparaiso, Chesterton, & Northwest Indiana Residents

tmj treatment northwest indianaMigraine headaches are debilitating for many people in Northwest Indiana. They can ruin one’s day, week, or even month if left untreated. This is a situation that is commonly treated with medication, but Smiles by Arnold & Associates has a solution that has worked for many of our patients over the years that doesn’t involve medication or anything invasive.

The NTI™ appliance was created by a dentist in California in the 90’s that has radically changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of migraine sufferers around the world. Smiles by Arnold & Associates has made hundreds of NTI appliances since 2003, and we have seen extraordinary results for the vast majority of migraine sufferers with whom we have worked.

This appliance is simple to make and comfortable to wear. It is much smaller than traditional night guards, and simply fits over the front teeth to keep the back teeth from touching at night. This tremendously decreases the amount of force that is applied to the jaw and temporal muscles. Bruxism is a common problem for migraine sufferers. Stopping this process greatly reduces the likelihood of getting migraines.

How Does it Work?

Migraine treatment Northwest IndianaThis reduced tension creates much happier muscles of mastication and a much lower incidence and intensity of migraines. National studies have shown that 82% of patients see a 75% or more reduction in the number, duration, and intensity of migraine headaches. This improvement can be absolutely life-changing for many people who have lost hope prior to having an NTI fabricated.

Another benefit of the NTI device is the decrease in tooth wear that often results from clenching and grinding (bruxing) one’s teeth at night. When the teeth don’t touch one another, they don’t wear down as quickly.

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To find out if an NTI appliance is a good fit for you, please call our dental office for a complimentary consultation. There is absolutely no risk because if you aren’t happy with your results after thirty days, we will refund your money. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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