Oral Conscious Sedation for Dentistry is Safe and Effective

Sedation dentistry has become a hot topic for patients who suffer from debilitating dental fear and anxiety. Some patients in Northwest Indiana wonder whether or not it is safe, however. When used properly, oral conscious sedation in dentistry is very safe and can be a fantastic option for people who have procrastinated having necessary (or elective) treatment completed due to fear.

Utilizing nitrous oxide (laughing gas) along with oral sedation has been tremendously effective for the Smiles By Arnold & Associates team. We routinely use a small, safe pill called Halcion to help fearful patients complete their dental care in a relaxed, anxiety-free state. Having a relaxed patient also makes completing high-quality dental procedures much easier for the dentist and team.

With oral conscious sedation, patients just take one small pill an hour before their appointment, and this helps them to relax and eliminates their dental anxiety. Patients relax peacefully throughout the appointment, are comfortable, and have almost no memory of the procedures the next day. Valparaiso and Chesterton patients are very appreciative of sedation dentistry for this added comfort.

Obviously, careful consideration of your age and medical history is important to ensure that you are a good candidate for oral conscious sedation. If sedation is appropriate for you, then it can make your dental care dream. Please call our office in Chesterton at: (219) 926-5445 or Valparaiso at: (219) 531-8914 for a FREE consultation. We would love to help you overcome your dental anxiety and improve your oral health.

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