Patient Testimonials

Dr. Arnold and his staff were professional and accommodating to all my needs. I was able to pick the color, shape, and texture of my new teeth! The procedure was explained very well and I always knew what to expect. Dr. Arnold made sure I was completely satisfied with my veneers. I am happy I made the choice to have my teeth veneered by an experienced professional cosmetic dentistry team!

My teeth look fantastic and I am very pleased with my new look! Everyone is always asking me how I get my teeth so white and how I keep them so perfect! A few years have passed by and I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I receive compliments all the time and I smile with confidence everywhere I go!
Thank you, ~Amy

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Cosmetic Dentistry Testimonials


Dear Dr. Arnold,
I just wanted you and your caring team to know what a difference my new veneers have made in my life. I have hated my teeth since my permanent teeth came in– stained brown and yellow. The doctors said it was from the antibiotics I took when I was younger for the pneumonia and whooping cough, etc. But, here I am explaining why they were stained to you, when you would already know that. But I always felt like I had to make excuses for my teeth. Kids would always ask why my teeth were so yellow. So I would find myself explaining about the antibiotics over and over, year after year, only to have them say something like, “Well why don’t you just brush your teeth!”

I tried having them “painted,” but of course that was only in an attempt to cover the dark spots which of course it didn’t. I wanted the dentist to paint the teeth white. Of course, they couldn’t do that either, as the dentist had to match the color of the tooth, which was yellow. My poor Mom, who didn’t have the money to spend on extras like this, did it, because she knew how self-conscious I was about my teeth.

When I got married, I had porcelain veneers put on. Again, they had to match the surrounding teeth, unless you were having your whole mouth done, which no one did back then, nor could we afford. They were thick and yellow. I felt like I had buck teeth, although the dentist that did them, did a good job considering what materials, etc. were around at that time.

Porcelain Veneers Northwest Indiana

That brings us to now. As you know, I have lung disease. The medicine’s side effects have taken its toll on my body, teeth included. I took this as a sign that maybe this was the time to get my veneers. But, part of me thought, “Why?” Some people die of this disease and most everyone dies with it. Maybe I shouldn’t use the money we really don’t have to spend on this right now if I’m not going to be around to enjoy it. My husband said, “How long have you wanted this?”

“Forever.” “Then don’t even think twice about it,” he said. I protested with, “What if I die the day after I get them?” He said, “Then I’ll tell the funeral director to make you smiling.” I told him he wouldn’t have to, I’d be doing it on my own! I could also go into remission for a long while also!!!! This is, of course, what I plan on doing!

My point is that none of us know what is going to happen from one minute to the next. We shouldn’t keep waiting for that perfect time because you could wait much too long.
I love my smile. I mean, I REALLY LOVE my smile. I have WHITE teeth. And whether I live to be 54 or 154, I would do it again….only sooner. I smile more. I laugh more. And you know what they say about laughter…..Laughter is the best medicine! Now, wouldn’t that be something! There’s a grant study in there someplace!
So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my smile, WHITE teeth, and for changing my life. -Denise S.

I would like to thank Dr. Arnold, Angie, and Becky for their friendly and caring service while having my front teeth fixed. I was very nervous to go though the process of replacing veneers which were previously not to my satisfaction. Dr. Arnold took the time to make sure my new teeth were thin, natural, and feminine. His work is quality; even the temporaries looked better than my old veneers. I would highly recommend Dr. Arnold and his professional staff. –Del


I am happy I chose Dr. Arnold to fix my teeth. The results are great. I like my smile and I feel more confident, therefore I do a lot of laughing these days.
P.S. Thanks, Dr. Arnold; you’re great! -Snezanna


My experience at Dr. Arnold’s office has been a very good one! I can’t believe the care I received was so gentle and caring, unlike some offices where you don’t feel as welcome or cared for. Every one of Dr. Arnold’s staff is so down to earth and nice. Even my 7-year-old son likes to come in. Thank you so much for my new smile. -Susan J.


Mini Smile Makeover Northwest Indiana

For years I was so self-conscious of my teeth, I rarely smiled in pictures and around people outside of my house. When I first got my temporary crowns put in, I was shocked; literally it took a minute to sink in what a drastic difference it made. I started crying because I knew this would change my life. Dr. Arnold gave me a hug; I knew he understood what this would do for my self-image. I showed them to everyone I ran into. Today, one day before my 20th anniversary, I have my permanent crowns. Wow, what a difference! I am going to be smiling all day every day. I am a positive, outgoing person who loves to laugh. Now everyone will see that same person. Thank you to Dr. Arnold and your staff! Everyone is so friendly and professional. They make you feel like family. -Jeneen S.


Dear Dr. Arnold and staff,
Not everyone can say that they enjoy going to the dentist. I actually looked forward to every visit. You and your staff made me feel very comfortable and well taken care of. The procedures were painless and the results amazing. I am no longer afraid to smile. I would like to thank you for the great work that you do. You made it seem so easy from start to finish and I’m left with a better smile and more confidence. I am looking forward to having the rest of my teeth done next year.
Thank you so much -Anonymous


My new smile gave me the confidence to work with the public again. It feels good to smile again. My only regret is that I did not have it done sooner. I can’t thank Dr. Arnold and his team enough. -Caroline


Porcelain Veneers and Crowns Northwest IndianaEvery experience that I have had with Dr. Arnold and his team has been a pleasant one. I am so glad that I trusted you (and didn’t run for the hills!!!) and completed my smile transformation. I smile at myself and everyone else so much more… and that gesture alone has made me a happier person. I am blessed to have met you.
Always Grateful, -Sheila


Dear Dr. Arnold and Team,
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did when I had my complete dental makeover. In the past few years, I had become extremely conscious of my smile because so much emphasis has been put on how white and how straight people’s teeth are. I would be very conscious of smiling and talking to people over the years since my teeth have yellowed and were never perfect. I also had several bridges and silver caps. Now because of the makeover, I have a beautiful set of pearly whites, and I no longer worry about smiling.

The process went smooth and was virtually painless. Coming to your office was a pleasure because of the way I was treated by the staff. They are great; they could not have been friendlier or more caring. -Marlene D.


Dear Dr. Arnold,
Let me begin by saying that I truly appreciate your God-given talent of performing family and cosmetic dentistry. My daughter and I have had the pleasure of being your patients since you began practice many years ago. Your dental expertise and personal demeanor is exactly what any caring parent would desire for their children and themselves. As with any skilled artisan, you are only as good as the people around you, and in this case, your hand-selected staff personifies professionalism, politeness, and understanding.

As you very well know, this past year I finally elected to have you perform the much-needed art of cosmetic dentistry to my upper set of teeth. After many years of sports, cavities, genetic history, and plain wear and tear, it was time to take major corrective action. Let us not forget that I still had two (a) baby teeth visible and soundly planted. For anyone pondering cosmetic dentistry with you based upon their fear of pain and cost, I will gladly state that the pain is minimal, if any, and the cost is an investment in your future health, happiness, and mental well-being. You cannot place a price tag on a great, healthy smile!

My complicated procedure (veneers, bridges, caps and crowns) was flawless due to your expertise and determination to have my smile perfect. You informed me prior, during, and after all of the steps you were taking on my behalf. Not once did I leave your office with any questions or in a quandary. The entire experience was very pleasant considering the major work performed by you and your staff.

In conclusion, anyone considering cosmetic dentistry with you should have the confidence that their decision to select you as their dentist (I think your new title should be “Dental Miracle Worker”) is well-founded and their satisfaction will be the result of a great, healthy smile.
Thanks again for your professionalism, efforts, and abilities. -John M.


Dear Dr. Jim and Team,
I’m one of those people that only went to the dentist when I had a problem. Lots of excuses, too busy, didn’t like the drill, etc. Now that I’m getting a little older I finally decided that I had to deal with years of accumulated dental problems.

Northwest Indiana Cosmetic Dentistry

From the minute I came through the front door of your office I knew this was going to be different from any of my previous dental encounters. Everyone in your office is friendly, professional, and a pleasure to be around. I actually look forward to my visits. After a thorough check-up and examination I decided on a complete dental makeover.

I can’t believe how easy you and your team made this entire procedure for me. Your expertise, along with the modern techniques and tools really made it easy. The entire process was totally painless and the final results are even better than I expected. I can’t believe the difference. People tell me I’m smiling a lot more these days. I guess I have a new reason to smile.

Finally, I’d like to thank you and your team for the way they treated me, and for the wonderful new smile I’m wearing. -Roger


I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Arnold and his staff for an outstanding job of cosmetic dentistry. After several disappointing attempts to correct my smile at other dentist offices, Dr. Arnold created a beautiful smile that feels and looks very natural. Even though I had extensive work done, the process was not stressful or painful. I am thrilled with the results and would like to encourage anyone who is considering having this type of work done, to go for it.
With sincere thanks. -Cathy H.


November 2005
Natural Veneers Northwest IndianaIn June I met with Dr. Arnold to discuss some options to enhance my smile. I was getting married in August and wanted to look my best for the big day. After consulting with Dr. Arnold I decided I wanted a wider, brighter, and more beautiful smile. I was pretty much asking him for a perfect set of teeth and he assured me it was possible.

I received a beautiful set of porcelain veneers just in time for my wedding. Words cannot express how appreciative I am to Dr. Arnold and his team for the amazing outcome. My smile sparkles!

I am constantly being complimented on my beautiful smile and white teeth. I have Dr. Arnold to thank for this and am very grateful for his impeccable work on a difficult case. I would also like to add that I am impressed with Dr. Arnold’s team. I found them to be both professional and friendly. They helped to make my experience comfortable and worry-free.

I would highly recommend Dr. Arnold and his staff to anyone that is considering cosmetic dentistry. I can assure you he is one of the best!
Sincerely, -Pam


August 11, 2003

Full Mouth Rehab Northwest IndianaDr. Arnold has changed my life. Back in the 1980’s I started using drugs. I got so deep into the drugs that I did not care about my appearance. I stopped taking care of my teeth, and they slowly started to decay. I never went to see a dentist; I just let them get worse. I simply did not care. I would live with pain, I mean serious tooth pain. I never had the money to see a dentist. My life and my mouth were in really bad shape.

In 1997 I had a life-changing experience. I became a dad. My life took a turn for the better. I got off drugs and have been off drugs ever since. By this time I had neglected my teeth for over 10 years. I was getting headaches that were so bad I wished I were dead. Something had to be done. In early 2000 my grandma and grandpa passed away, and I inherited a good sum of money.

At this time I decided to see Dr. Arnold. It would turn out to be one of the best decisions I would ever make. Even though I never liked going to the dentist, Dr. Arnold told me there is nothing to fear. Dr. Arnold was right. He transformed my disgusting mouth into a work of art. I now have beautiful teeth and I live pain-free. I eat better, I feel better, I look better, and I love my new mouth.

Since Dr. Arnold fixed my mouth, I have gotten married, I got a new, better job, and I am a lot happier. Life is much better now. I smile all the time. -Joe M.


To Whom it May Concern:
Having invested tens of thousands of dollars in my mouth, at the age of 53, my teeth looked twenty years older than my face. Making the decision to have porcelain veneers was one of the better decisions of my life. What a significant difference in my appearance. I hope to have all my teeth done next year. Dr. Arnold has done an incredible job, helping me once again to smile at the world.
Thanks, -Lisa W.


January 12, 2004
Full Mouth Rehabilitation Northwest IndianaDear Jim,
I am writing this letter to thank you for your excellent work and professionalism. Please thank your team for me. They were kind and gentle. For the first time in my life, friends and patients are complimenting me on my smile. The difference is truly remarkable. A patient once informed me that the best gift she ever received was a beautiful smile. I agree. Thank you once again for the beautiful smile and all your help.
Very truly yours, -Dr. Kevin B.
P.S. If any of my patients move to your area, I will strongly recommend you.


Dear Jim,
Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how very pleased I am with the dental work you did for me. I cannot even begin to articulate what a positive change it made in my life. Both my professional career and personal life have improved dramatically.

People respond to me much differently than before. The eye contact and body language responses are much more positive than ever. I believe by this occurring it in turn gives me more confidence and I find myself much more assertive and every day just gets better.

It’s been approximately a year since the dental work has been completed and I have absolutely no doubt what I would say if someone was to ask me what they should do: invest in the dental work or anything else, my answer would be the dental work.

I can never thank you enough, and if you ever need me as a reference don’t hesitate to call or feel free to give your patient my number. If the timing works, I would be more than willing to come over if you would like them to see it in person. Your work is outstanding!
Take care, and again, thank you so much. -Bill


General Dentistry Testimonials

General Dentistry Testimonials

The aroma of fresh baked bread, a choice of watching whatever I want on the television, a fabulous guy with wonderful assistants… This couldn’t be a dental office. Actually it is and it’s the best dental office I’ve ever been to. The service is beyond outstanding and I am elated with my finished smile. Dr. Arnold is not just a dentist, he is an artist. He and his staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was completely satisfied. I would recommend this dentist to anyone. If you want the best, you want Dr. Arnold & Associates. I drive more than an hour to see Dr. Arnold, and it is well worth the trip.
Thanks for everything. I’m one of your biggest fans. ~ Iris R.

Brandy is such a friendly and warm, young lady. She was very gentle and made me feel comfortable as she cleaned my teeth. It was also very nice that I am able to have the same hygienist as she completed my cleaning on my last visit. There was never a problem when I needed to break for a moment. It really is a pleasant appointment. And, as always, it is so nice to see Dr. Arnold. He always has time to talk, casually and professionally. He is genuinely concerned, and has the utmost respect for his patients. I am never rushed when we speak. And then there is Angie; as always, a sweetheart! ~S.S.H.

Dr. Arnold,
As a new patient, I was highly impressed with you and your entire staff on both a professional and personal level. Your facility also has a very comfortable waiting/reception area and state-of-the-art medical/examination rooms and equipment. As you were recommended to me by my food friend, D.S., I would also recommend anyone in need of dental care to your clinic.
Sincerely, ~J.B.

Brandy at the Chesterton office was awesome! I have never had a more pleasant visit to the dentist – and I hate going to the dentist. She made me feel comfortable and I truly believe she cared about not only my teeth but getting to know me as a person. Again, I’ve never had that at any dentist office. It was so nice to feel relaxed in a place where I am usually very tense. Dr. Arnold was fantastic too – so personable and friendly. The entire office was all smiles and I will definitely tell family and friends about you.
Thank you!! ~K.B.

Every dentist office should be so caring and make you feel so at ease. The girls at the office are really sweet and make you feel “VERY” comfortable. It is a family-feeling office. Thanks for making a person at ease. :O)!!! ~C. H.

Of all of the dentists I’ve seen over the years I have nothing but great things to say about all of your staff. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. I would definitely send everyone I talk to there. Thank you for everything. ~F.C.

I have been around and through dental offices from New York, to Virginia, to Texas… and the teamwork within Dr. Arnold’s office is the best I have ever experienced. To a person… they are GREAT! ~David



Brandy’s services are exceptional. She is very professional and has a warm and reassuring personality. This is the 1st time in all these years I had to wait a short time past my appointment. No problem for me because your past track record speaks for itself. Thanks ~C.R

I met Brandi and she was very informative. She did an excellent job cleaning my teeth. I also met Dr. Wargo’s assistant for my temporary crown. She was also excellent. Dr. Wargo did an awesome job numbing my gums. I did not feel a thing! The whole office was very nice. ~T.H

It was a great feeling to walk out with clean teeth, and now I have a great dental team to go to with any problems. ~M.T

Brandy explained all the procedures to me before she engaged. I found this helped with the anxiety I usually experience on a dental visit. I appreciate Brandy’s care. ~A.C

Amanda was fantastic! She knows how sensitive my teeth are and she really went above and beyond trying to make sure I was comfortable! 🙂 ~K.B

I met both Angie and Brandy and both were extremely helpful and understanding. I left with all my questions answered. Dr. Arnold was also very encouraging with the process that I will be undergoing over the next couple of months. ~T.E

I felt everyone was very nice. Dr. Arnold was very honest and respectful. Thanks very much. ~P.K

Great experience for me and my kids!!! Thank you!! ~A.A

Brandy did an excellent job, as always. Dr. Arnold was efficient, yet personable. Everyone makes me feel welcome there. ~T.G.

Brandi does an excellent job cleaning teeth! I also appreciate that you take notes about patients and keep that information for future use. For example, I wrote in a past survey that I didn’t like the fluoride that is brushed on the teeth, and the hygienists know to not give me that fluoride. I always get the rinse. That’s going the extra mile to keep your patients happy 🙂 Thank you ~L.L

Always a joy to see happy, friendly faces. Brandy is awesome. ~M.P

Angie was extremely helpful in explaining the financial aspect of the services I was interested in receiving. All of the staff has been more than friendly and helpful each time I have called or stopped in to the office. I could not ask for a better dental experience. Thank you to all! ~E.H

Dr. Arnold is the best, and the team is excellent! ~H.K



Mar 3, 2010
Dr. Wargo was very nice and helpful. She is by far the best dentist I have even seen. All the girls there made me feel very comfortable. ~L.D

Mar 16, 2010
Great people, great service. The best! ~K.F

Mar 18, 2010
Nicole was very nice and thorough, and gave me ideas on how to better take care of my teeth, and even my daughter’s who was not there. ~J.F

Mar 16, 2010
If the staff at my previous dentist was as friendly as the ladies at your Valpo office I would have never stopped going to the dentist. A special thanks to Jaime and Dr. Shideler for making my visit so comfortable. ~A.M.

Mar 1, 2010
Your whole staff is great and I always look forward to my appointments there. Kim always does a fantastic job ~M.M

Mar 11, 2010
Kim was great as usual! ~L.M.

Apr 23, 2010
Everything went just great during my visit. ~S.B.

Apr 13, 2010
Enjoyed my visit as always. Had a new hygienist, can’t remember her name, Cheryl???; give her an A+. My teeth are squeaky clean. ~J.B.

Apr 6, 2010
Everyone was fantastic! My babysitter canceled at the last minute and so I had to bring my six-year-old with me. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. They put cartoons on the TV and made him feel right at home. ~E.B.

Apr 11, 2010
I scheduled my children for the same time and a week before the appointment, thought I should have scheduled myself, as well (with work, free time is limited). The staff was very helpful, kept me in mind for a cancellation and I was able to get us all in at the same time. Thank you! I also love how genuinely friendly everyone is to the children. It makes a huge difference. ~D.B

May 27, 2010
Nicole and Tammy were great…Nicole, very thorough…Tammy, very helpful. ~N.P.

May 21, 2010
The gals are SUPER! Always so outgoing and friendly! Kinlin was so sweet; gave me a fancy-shmancy electric toothbrush! Thank you so much! (I’m trying my best to be a good brusher!) Always a pleasure to come into the office to see Tammy and all the girls! 🙂 ~P.P.

Apr 12, 2010
My family has been coming there for years. We love how we are treated. You all are the best. ~C.R.

May 10, 2010
I love this office and staff. They always make me feel very comfortable. ~B.R.

May 27, 2010
Kinlynn was wonderful. I was referred by Jamie Ellis, and I’m glad I was. I was treated like an old friend rather than a patient or a number. And the staff seemed to sincerely care about my well-being. Thank you so much. ~A.W.


Sedation Dentistry Testimonials

This has been a truly marvelous experience from beginning to end. I have always been afraid to have teeth work done, and it always was associated with pain and discomfort. Having conscious sedation makes all the differences. With the amount of work that needed to be done, it would have taken a year to complete. Here, I had everything done in two sessions. Dr. Arnold and his staff were awesome! I highly recommend this service to others. ~Carol B.


My experience was VERY GOOD! They took away my fear of dental work. I would recommend Dr. Arnold and his team to anyone who needs that extra tender care to get over their fears. Dr. Arnold and his assistants are SUPER! If you want quality, friendly service with a SMILE – this is the place to be! ~Anonymous


After having a fear of dental work, I had a calming experience. Everyone was wonderful, even down to the tube of chapstick! ~Anonymous

The Sedation was amazing. I felt very little. I remembered very little. Your services are highly recommended. Thank you so much! ~Anonymous

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