Seeking Sleep Apnea Treatment in Northwest Indiana?

Sleep apnea treatment Northwest IndianaMillions of Americans suffer from lack of sleep. Many of them are battling the terrible effects of sleep apnea. We see patients in Northwest Indiana every week whose sleep is interrupted several times per hour due to this debilitating and often life-threatening problem.

Studies show that this sleep disorder is becoming more prevalent every year, and it is creating problems for people’s health, relationships, and job performance. Many people keep their spouses awake at night due to heavy snoring or gasping for air in the middle of the night. Obviously, this can cause serious tension in one’s relationship.

Additionally, many people have a difficult time focusing on the task at hand during the day because they are chronically tired from all of the sleep disturbances throughout the night. This can have a very negative impact on one’s ability to do a good job at work.

How We Cure Your Sleep Apnea

Smiles by Arnold & Associates works closely with area sleep clinics to ensure that patients get the best care possible for their disorder. Some people require a CPAP to help them breathe at night. Some people have milder conditions and can see marked improvement with the help of a simple appliance worn at night.sleep apnea treatment Northwest Indiana

The SomnoDent® appliance is effective for helping patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Many of the patients we see for sleep apnea problems simply have a difficult time wearing their CPAP and want another option.

We send these patients home with a very comfortable home sleep study device that gives us a lot of data regarding their sleep disturbances. Depending upon the results, we often make them a SomnoDent appliance right away. If the disorder is more severe, we’ll refer the patient to a credible sleep clinic with a specialist who is trained to deal with these more serious sleep disorders.

Call Today for a Better Night’s Sleep

In the right situation, our sleep apnea appliance can have a life-changing impact for many people. Imagine sleeping soundly at night and being more alert during the day. Imagine the positive changes that could result in your life with this simple appliance. Please call us today to schedule a complimentary consult to discuss your situation to determine the best solution for you or someone you love.

Our sleep apnea dentists want to help you start sleeping better!

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