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full mouth rehabilitation Northwest IndianaHer husband completed his full mouth rehabilitation earlier in the year, and this patient wanted to do the same. Years of staining and old dental work had given her a smile with which she was unhappy.

Her case was challenging, but with the magic of cosmetic dentistry, this Valparaiso woman experienced a smile makeover that made her look ten years younger. Her smile is as radiant as her husband’s, and their inner energy and joy for life shine through every day.

We restored twenty-six teeth with porcelain veneers and crowns, and replaced two missing teeth with porcelain bridges.



cosmetic dentist Northwest IndianaYears of avoiding the dentist contributed to many dental problems for this young Northwest Indiana patient. After her periodontal condition was treated, we placed several tooth-colored fillings and enhanced her smile with eight porcelain veneers.

This cosmetic dentistry was life-changing, as can be seen in her before and after photos.

Amy K.

dental implants Northwest IndianaThis young woman went through orthodontic treatment to straighten her teeth and to create space for implants to replace two congenitally missing teeth. The spaces in the front bothered her, so she wanted dental implants and a smile makeover.

After two dental implants were placed, we replaced her missing teeth with two porcelain crowns and improved her smile with eight beautiful porcelain veneers. She wanted a bold, confident look, so she selected veneers that complemented her face and accomplished this effect.

This case shows how beneficial it is to work with exceptional dental specialists to accomplish complex goals. Needless to say, Amy was thrilled with the final result of this interdisciplinary effort, and the cosmetic dentistry speaks for itself. I don’t think that she has stopped smiling, yet!

Amy R.

Porcelain Veneers Northwest IndianaThis wonderful patient was unhappy with her old dental bonding and fillings. Her teeth were stained, and there was decay around some of these restorations. She wanted porcelain veneers to restore her smile and self-confidence.

We removed the old dental work and replaced it with ten exquisite porcelain laminate veneers. As you can see from the photos, these veneers look completely natural, function perfectly, and feel natural, as well.


Porcelain Veneers Northwest IndianaThis patient found us online and drove almost an hour from Lake County to see what we could do to improve her smile. She was unhappy with her old porcelain veneers and was interested in what we could accomplish with modern cosmetic dentistry.
Her old veneers were too opaque and relatively dark. Additionally, there were cavities around a few of them. Since only six teeth were treated originally, her back teeth didn’t really show in her smile as the canine veneers were somewhat bulky.

We replaced her old restorations with ten beautiful, natural porcelain veneers. This helped to broaden and whiten her smile, while making her look ten years younger. You can see how happy her new smile makeover has made her. We feel blessed to have helped her to smile with confidence.


porcelain crowns Northwest IndianaOld dental work that had stained and deteriorated was discouraging to this wonderful patient. She was looking for a dental team that could help transform her smile to something she could feel good about.

We replaced her old crowns and covered her chipped, stained teeth with gorgeous porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. After ten new porcelain restorations on the upper arch and ten new veneers on the lower arch, she began smiling confidently for the first time in years. Cosmetic dentistry made this Northwest Indiana woman a happier person, and it certainly shows.


porcelain veneers and bridges Northwest IndianaThis beautiful woman from Lake County was missing a couple of teeth, had some old restorations with cavities around them, and was unhappy with her smile. She wanted her teeth to be straight and white, and wanted to replace what was missing.

We had completed a smile makeover for her equally beautiful sister the previous year. Her sister was so pleased with her new smile, that she insisted that she also visit our office for state-of-the-art cosmetic dental work.

We completed her smile makeover by restoring her upper arch with porcelain veneers, all-porcelain crowns, and a porcelain fixed bridge. As you can see, these porcelain restorations blend perfectly in her smile.


porcelain veneers Northwest IndianaThis Valparaiso real estate agent is actually Dr. Arnold’s dad. Dr. Arnold performed this smile makeover for his father as a 60th birthday gift. His teeth had worn down significantly over the years, and this had a big impact on his overall smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation was the solution to his dental situation. Restoring twenty-six teeth with porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns made a tremendous impact on his overall appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry has improved his smile, and his gregarious personality is more apparent than ever.


porcelain veneers Northwest IndianaThis Chicago area dentist was unhappy with her smile and wanted to be more confident when discussing cosmetic dentistry with her patients. After careful evaluation, we decided that eight porcelain veneers would make a significant difference for her.

As can be seen in her “after” photos, this doctor is very pleased with the results, and she has never smiled so much as she has since her smile makeover. It’s amazing to see what a difference eight little porcelain veneers can make!


cosmetic dentist Northwest IndianaOld cosmetic bonding and uneven, crooked front teeth kept this woman from smiling confidently. She came to us for a mini smile makeover.

We wanted to enhance her smile as conservatively as possible, so we whitened her teeth with Zoom!® first, removed her old bonding, and placed four porcelain veneers.

Additionally, we built up her canines a bit to create a more natural smile, improved function, and a smooth transition from her front teeth to her back teeth.

The smile transformation is dramatic, despite the fact that we only needed four porcelain veneers. Performing conservative cosmetic dentistry is very satisfying and can be life-changing, as well.


dental implants Northwest IndianaThis was a very complex case due to the presence of gum and bone disease, several missing teeth, and dental decay. We were able to successfully address his periodontal issues, and four missing front teeth were replaced with dental implants. Several other teeth were restored with tooth-colored fillings, and his front six teeth were fixed/replaced with all-porcelain crowns.

The results speak for themselves, but there is more work to be done. We have plans to restore more teeth and further enhance his smile in the future. He has been a fantastic patient, and we are pleased that he is so happy with us that he drives from South Bend for his dental care.


full-mouth rehabilitation Northwest IndianaDr. Arnold met this California dentist at several cosmetic dentistry courses, and Dr. Bogdon asked him to restore his smile. His teeth were badly worn down, and he wanted them restored to their natural length, shape, and size.

We restored his smile with full mouth rehabilitation, beginning with porcelain veneers on his front sixteen teeth. As you can see, the result of this work is a beautiful smile that has transformed his entire appearance.


porcelain crowns Northwest IndianaYears of neglect and physical abuse had left this Northwest Indiana woman in need of an extreme dental smile makeover. In addition to her teeth being broken, worn down, and decayed, she had suffered from tetracycline staining her entire life.

After two months of intensive periodontal care (gum and bone disease treatment) and a great deal of oral hygiene instructions, we were ready to begin her smile transformation. This cosmetic dentistry enhanced her appearance, but it also helped her transform what she felt inside, giving her confidence for the first time in decades.

We were very excited to be able to help her through this process. A full mouth of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns made all the difference in the world for her. Read Carmen’s full case study here.


porcelain bridges Northwest IndianaThis kind lady came to us because she was tired of looking at the same old dental work in the mirror every morning. She wanted her teeth to look whiter, healthier, and more natural. She wondered if today’s cosmetic dentistry could help accomplish her objectives.

We restored nine teeth with exquisite porcelain restorations, including an all-porcelain bridge to replace a missing front tooth. Her porcelain veneers and bridge radiate health and vitality, and she left our office smiling more than ever.


porcelain veneers dentist Northwest IndianaThis Northwest Indiana dentist attended several courses on cosmetic dentistry and was interested in doing more of this kind of work for her patients. She decided to “practice what she preached,” and we rejuvenated her smile with full mouth rehabilitation.

We were able to successfully lengthen, straighten, and whiten her teeth with twenty-four beautiful porcelain restorations. Some are porcelain veneers, while others are porcelain crowns.

We were honored that she selected Smiles by Arnold & Associates to do her cosmetic dental work.


porcelain veneers dentist Northwest IndianaThis pretty young woman from Valparaiso wanted to enhance her smile before going away to college. She had dark, stained teeth, and old cosmetic bonding that was also discolored.

Fortunately, her teeth were straight, so we were able to place eight very conservative porcelain veneers after removing the old, worn bonding. She went off to college smiling with confidence as a result of the magic of cosmetic dentistry.


full mouth rehabilitation Northwest IndianaHer main concern was the severe wear and discoloration of her teeth. We were able to restore her dignity and self-esteem by restoring her teeth with full mouth rehabilitation.

Rebuilding her teeth, making them functional, healthy, and aesthetic was a wonderful challenge. In just four appointments, we were able to give her the smile of her dreams.

While this is cosmetic dentistry at its best, it shows how artistic and skilled dental ceramists are in mimicking Mother Nature with gorgeous porcelain veneers.


smile makeover Northwest IndianaThis gentleman from Valpo had a couple of retained primary teeth that had finally decayed and loosened, so he decided that it was time to remove them and improve his smile. We were able to makeover his smile with two all-porcelain bridges and two porcelain veneers.

You can see from his photos that the cosmetic improvement was significant. Additionally, his teeth are much more functional with his new porcelain restorations. He was a pleasure to work with, and we were thrilled to help him improve his smile and self-confidence.


full mouth rehabilitation Northwest IndianaThis young man from Chesterton needed some help. Obviously, his mouth had been severely neglected for a long time. Every tooth in his mouth was decayed, and he had gum and bone disease.

After successfully treating his gum disease and helping him change his oral health habits, we performed a lot of dental work, including removal of a few teeth, and multiple root canal procedures.

Once the preliminary work was complete, we were able to restore his entire mouth with porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and two porcelain bridges. The final result was truly extraordinary.
This is the type of full mouth rehabilitation that makes all of us at Smiles by Arnold & Associates proud to be dentists capable of this level of cosmetic dentistry. The changes in Joe’s life were truly amazing.


smile makeover Northwest IndianaPam drove from Indianapolis to have us replace her old porcelain veneers. She was getting married and wanted them upgraded to the best that cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

We were happy to accommodate her request. She wanted a broader, whiter smile and longer veneers. We removed her six old, worn porcelain veneers, and replaced them with eight modern, natural veneers that are simply beautiful.

We were working on a tight schedule, but were able to finish her smile makeover just in time for her wedding. We helped make a beautiful woman even more radiant!


dentures Northwest IndianaThis Northwest Indiana patient suffered from bulimia for several years. This caused severe damage to all of her teeth. Her old crowns on the upper arch were all decayed and failing. Her lower teeth were worn all the way down to the gum tissue.

We needed to do something to stop this process and help to rebuild her confidence. We removed her old dental work and restored all of her teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers and all-porcelain crowns. We completed her case by making partial dentures to replace her missing back teeth.

She can now chew easily, is much healthier, and smiles more readily as a result of this functional cosmetic dentistry.


smile makeover dentist Northwest IndianaThis beautiful woman from Lake County found our website and decided to drive out to Chesterton to have us do her cosmetic dental work. She wanted a brighter, broader smile, and wanted to replace a couple of missing teeth.

We restored her full upper arch with fourteen porcelain veneers, crowns, and a bridge. We enhanced her already gorgeous appearance with a smile makeover that increased her self-confidence ten-fold.

She was so pleased with the results that she has referred several patients to us for their smile makeovers, including her sister!


veneers Northwest IndianaHer teeth were worn down, stained, and some of them were even decayed. We were able to enhance and brighten her smile with 12 porcelain veneers and some Zoom! whitening. Her smile is more radiant than ever!

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